Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tooth ache

So you have a toothache?

Anyway, I had some bad teeth problems for a few years and no dental insurance and no money to pay for oral surgery. I had a broken tooth for several years and I didn't like going to the dentist. I didn't go at all when I was a kid. I've been to dentist about 5 times in my entire life and I'm 31 years old. So really I had this Idea of just letting my body take care of itself. That's not such a great idea. Your brain isn't made to handle a lot of pain. It effects your sensory/motor portion of your brain. Not so great. Interestingly enough after having a tooth ache for several years you tend not to notice the pain so much. Anyway your brain blocks out the pain but it uses a lot of your brain's resources to do this.

So anyway another one of my wisdom teeth came in about two months ago. It was broken when it came in or I broke it sortly after it came in. My mouth hurt pretty bad. I decided to go and see a dentist. I went to a regular dentist and got my teeth checked out. They told me I needed five teeth out and refered me to an oral surgeon. The surgeon told me that one of the wisdom teeth could stay in because it was healthy and probably wouldn't cause me any problems. So I was going to get only four teeth out now to the tune of $1700. I should have been a dentist. So I paid the deposit of $680 and my insurance covered the rest. Pretty good deal except now I didn't have any money. So all month I haven't bought much or done anything I would have liked to do because it all costs money.

Firstly if you have a tooth ache you probably have an exposed nerve. That means somewhere one of your teeth is actually damaged. Teeth don't really heal themselves. Human teeth are simple teeth and are not very durable like say compared to the teeth of a horse or an elephant who have complex teeth. Humans have tiny teeth. They are only getting smaller. So if you become a dentist you will never be unemployed.

Anyway, I just thought I would share some toothache remedies with you. Probably the best one I can think of putting some salt in a shot of vodka or rum (the higher the alcohol content the better). Between the alcohol and the salt you will sanitize your mouth pretty good. Try to swish with the liquir but hold it in your mouth as long as you can without giving yourself an alcohol burn. Hold the vodka in where the tooth ache is the worst that is probably where you have an exposed nerve. The alcohol will numb the pain for a few hours and at least let you get some sleep.

This home remedy is good for the short term until you can get into the dentist. Go to the dentist and quickly as possible because it will save a lot of pain a probably a little bit of money in the long run. Really if you have to get oral surgery it will be the best few hundred or few thousand dollars you ever spend. Your face will feel so much better a week or two after you get your teeth worked on. You will feel great.

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