Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spyware of civil rights which is it?

It's probably happened to you. You are surfing the internet trying to find useful information on one topic or another. You visit whatever pages come up in the search results. You end up getting some kind of spyware. Now your computer is running slow. So you download some free anti-spyware software. Than it turns out to not be free just a free trial so you buy the license. You use it to scan your computer. You try to get your computer to run like it did before you got spyware. It doesn't so you take it to a computer shop. You pay the guy $65/hour to work on it. He fixes the issue or at least it seems fixed.

Now that your computer is fixed you are still out the $65 and whatever you paid for software and no real confidence that it won't happen again. Someone depribed you of $65 and several hours of what would have bee productive time. This doesn't just happen to you. It happens to millions of people who all end up having to buy software or pay someone a bunch of mioney to fix their computer. Wouldn't it be a lot nicer if their wasn't spyware to begin with. Isn't it illegal to steal data off of someone's computer? Yeah I'm sure it is. In fact the constituition saying noone shall be depribed of life liberty or property without do proccess of law. Who do these spyware creators think they are to violate your civil rights like that? Doesn't the constituition say that we shall have freedom from unwarranted search and seizure? That applies to whatever is on your computer as well. Your data is your property. What about the the pursuit of happiness. I was pursuing happiness up until the point where the spyware made my computer crash. At that point I was depribed.

The point is spyware is illegal and no one is getting arrested for stealing data off people's computers and wasting countless hours of productive time of millions of people worldwide. People who make spyware should be in prison and they should have to pay restitution and huge fines.

My computer has enough ram to put a sattelite into orbit. There's no reason it shouldn't work when I try to browse the internet. Some punks are fucking over those of us who are just trying to have access to information.

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