Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to make a little Christmas cash by spreading holiday cheer

So you need some Christmas cash? Here's a great way to spread Christams cheer and make some moneyHow's a great way to get some money Social media marketing web publishing and AdSense.

What you need.

1. Google Adsense account. This assumes you have one already. You can create one easily.

2. A blog. You can set up a blog on Blogger or a blog hosting site.

3. A Youtube account.

4. Accounts on several social networking sites. (I already several thousand friends on MySpace and Facebook)

Now that you have all that stuff you can get started.

1. Create a blog and write a few posts about your holiday message or wish that you would like to share with people.

2. Use the "monetize option to put AdSense ads in your blog.

3. Record a short video less than ten minutes with your Holiday message. Post it to your YouTube account. Put a link to your blog in the description area to right of the video. Make a short statement in your video letting people know they can go to your blog and read more about your holiday message.

4. Post the video along with a link to your blog to your friends on your favorite social networking sites. When people visit the site they will see non-intrucing pay per click (PPC) ads on your blog. If they click the ads your blog you will make money. Get people to share your message with others.

In doing this you can spread some holiday cheer and maybe make some money in the proccess.

So what are you waiting for?

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