Thursday, December 24, 2009

My new years resolution

1. Stop using and abusing caffine products on a daily basis.
2. Learn to speak better German.
3. Earn more college credits by going to school full time.
4. Write and publish a book.
5. Get a raise/promotion at my job or find a new higher paying job.
6. Don't be such a goddamn slob Shave more often.
7. Spend less money.
8. Make more money.
9. Pay off car.
10. Do your own taxes and save $100 on CPA.
11. Get artwork appraised. Sell artwork.
12. Work out more and don't be such a fat ass.
13. Find a girl your own age or a younger girl who likes older men.
14. Meet more people like me. Smart people.
15. Attend more social events.
16. Take at least two weeks of vacation time.
17. Actually do something for vacation this year.
18. Drink a little less. Except red wine before sex.
19. Learn trapping.
20. Improve hunting and outdoor skills.

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