Thursday, December 3, 2009

People on welfare should have to be drug tested

In a recent survey of Facebook users 92.4% of people surveyed agreed that people who are on welfare should have to be drug tested in order to recieve payments. I totally agree with this idea. I don't think their should be welfare at all. In fact I hate taxes. I don't want the government to take my money at all let alone take my money and give it to drug users.

I want the government to take my money. The government already basicly extorts my money and uses it for bullshit like drawbridges. If theirs one thing I hate it is draw bridges. You damn well that they are going to have to maintain that drawbridge and someone will have to opperate the draw bridge. So now you have at least two state jobs that my taxes pay for that shouldn't even exist because people were stupid to think "why not just build the bridge a few feet taller so we don't need a drawbridge that costs more money and needs more maintainence and a permanent full time state worker to opperate the bridge. Draw bridges are just another example of how the government wastes your taxes on things nobody really needs but create jobs that help make the government bigger and the economy smaller. How much money do you think is lost every time someone has to lift the drawbridge. Over the course of a year it is a lot when think that a lot of those people who are stopped are on the clock and getting paid wages while they sit in traffic. How much money do those employers loose by having to have their employees wait for the drawbridge that should have never been their to begin with. Pure BS. I can think of a thousand things that the government could do make help the economy unburden tax payers but they aren't doing any of it because the traitors who have infiltrated our government want the economy to collapse and the government to take over everything.

The government is to big. We need people in goverment who will do what is in the best interest of the citizens (citizens who actually work and pay taxes and speak English). The biggest thing we can do to help the economy and ease tax payer burden in one stroke is downsize the government. Let's fire some people. Start at the top. Start with these limousine liberals who seem to just be in politics to help themselves to special interest lobbyist bribe money. Fire the lot of them. Then we can get rid of things like printing things in languages other than english. You know damn well that 97%+ of America's taxes are paid by English speakers. And in democracy it's majority rule. And since the majority of US taxpayers are English speakers and the majority of US citizens are English speakers no US taxpayer dollars should be used to print things in any other language but English.

Let's see. What else can we cut? What are some things you think the govenment wastes money on? I'd appreciate your feedback.

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