Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jesus loves spammers

So there is religious spam pretty much invading every corner of the internet. People spam Jesus and Christianity a lot. I think these religious people are taking religous propaganda to far. Name dropping jesus every chance they get.

I'm pretty sick of it. I've been seeing it a lot lately. Now I'm seeing it on Facebook a lot. I think Facebook is a great site for real time social networking. I enjoy using the site but there sure are an excessive amount of Christianity related surveys. Just to advertise Christianity.

Look religous idiots. I know the offering plates are a little empty. That is because the economy is shitty right now. So while you are praying to your fake god and not getting anything accomplished that will benifit anyone I'll be working some overtime so I can still buy the things I need and support the economy.

If I didn't have to work on sunday I would sleep in. Why? Because I believe in science. You religious fucks should just put a big sticker on your face that says. "I'm a big fat idiot". I don't know what else to call an adult with a fully functional brain who still believes in fairy tales about heaven and hell and eternal salvation. Are you kidding me?

I especially hate it when people tell me that god is good but people are evil. How in the fuck is it that god is good and people are evil? If there was a kid drowning in the river and I saved him that would be good. Right? Would god save him? NO! Who's good and who's evil. I'm the evil one.
If god is so powerful and great why doesn't he just tell muslims to stop murdering people? If god is so great why is it that a schoolbus full of kids gets in a wreck and everyone dies when a bus full of convicts makes it safely to the prison? You don't have to answer that. I know the answer. GOD IS FAKE!

You might be asking yourself how I came to such an apyphany. Well when you prayed did anything happen? NO? Did you pray really hard? Maybe your faith wasn't strong enough. OR maybe just maybe god doesn't exist.

I don't need a meaning of life. I'm perfectly fine with evolution. I'm perfectly fine with knowing the genes I pass on will contribute to a more intelligent human race who won't believe in talking snakes and talking burning bushes. A human race that doesn't believe that a 2000 year old Jewish zombie is going to come back from the dead grant them eternal life if they accept him as lord and personal savior. I just don't buy any of that.

If you had never heard of Christianity and you found a bible in a used book store would you take it seriously? Of course not. You would think that someone with a mental disorder wrote it.

Enough ranting.

I have a really good idea. Let's start a movement. We'll call it Sunday Science. Yep you guessed it. Instead of wasting time at church you learn something scientific. Learn a bit of science every sunday and share it with a bunch of people. Sounds like a good idea to me. No dressing up. No speaking in tongues. Just science.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A whole day without talking to anyone

I went pretty much all day without talking to anyone. I went shopping and to the gym though I really wasn't in the mood to do anything. I want to move but I haven't really found any other places I would rather live.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Small towns and small town people

I grew up in and around Astoria, Oregon. There is one thing that you will after living here for a short period of time. People here have a general lack of self esteem and a general lack of opitimism. Also people here have some etremely bad habits. Those negative attributes of just a few people have been spoiling things for the rest of us.

Here's a few things about Astoria, Oregon in general that make it an unpleasant place to live to begin with:

The weather here is pretty much terrible. Our summer is about two months long and runs from August to September. Than we have a rainy season that last through fall, winter, and spring. Accasionally we have a nice summer or a nice snowy winter but mostly we get rain.

You might think that with all the rain there would be some kind of large civic center where people could go and have some sort of social interaction or take some part in what is going on their community. There isn't the only places one can walk around indoors is the few large grocery and department stores and small shopping centers and mini-malls. There isn't really a place to be social here. Every place you can be social is centered around spending money. While trade is important to all societies. It's not everything.

Most of the events that happen here are political, religous, or economically driven so genuine social situations are hard to come by unless you are really in the know. The groups who have events that are purely social are private niches who are pretty selective about who they associate with. It's hard to meet people who are social and civic because those people are usually strong individuals who are tend to avoid social situations created under false pretence. Couple the lack of opportunity for social interaction with very fragmented social groups you find that it is pretty hard to upkeep any kind of social life without travelling to other areas or extensive use of the internet or accademic persuits.

Why I'm writing a blog

I decide to write a blog along with writing a book about all the things I see in the world that I agree with and disagree with. I decided that if I just go on ignoring the problems in the world around me that they can only get worse. I have an anylitical brain that can solve problems but so does everyone else. My writing doesn't so much cater to the lay person. I maintain some relationship with blue collar people because of my profession. I don't work in my chosen profession but one that I'm stuck with for economic reasons that I'm working to correct. When I correct those issues I'm going back to school and making a carreer change toward something that involves using a little more cerebrum.

I like spending time with intelligent socially adapted people. I find them easy to work with and much better company that average people. I tend to like not having to explain thing to people that I learned in grade school or high school to someone who is an adult who had the same educational opportunities I did but because of genetic predisposition of general lack of interest or motivation somehow doesn't know the things that I know and consider to be basic general knowledge.

I will try to keep my writing on the positive side. I have suffered major recurring depression most of my life along with seasonal depression. There's one thing that keeps me optimistic through all the adversity in my life. I know that sooner or later environmental pressures on the human species will force human beings eventually to become more behaviorally flexible (more intelligent and more socially adapted). People like the people who I favor sharing company with (smart, social, self sufficent people) will simply out compete people of lower intelligence. I'm reasonably certain that there will arise environmental conditions that will call upon modern human intellect as a survial mechanism beyond the point of knowing how to go to the store beyond just knowing where to buy things. The social structure that people are trying to create as of late with is one in which people of lower intelligence and who are not as self sufficient, physically able bodied, or otherwise motivated to perform have an advantage over those of us who are actually smart enough to accomplish and to live a true human beings.

One thing that drives me as a person is knowing that one day all of the people who wouldn't be able to survive in the wild will go extict. Self sufficient, intelligent people will be free once and for all of the oppressive natures or stupidity, self indulgence, overly authoritarian or overly aggressive behavior of lessor people. In short there will be a time when selective pressures on the population change to such a degree that a good portion of population will not survive.

That all might not happen in my lifetime but I can look forward to living a good life with my chosen group of peirs and look forward to creating offspring who are just a little bit better than I.


My name is Buck Roberts, I'm a 31 year old and I live in Hammond, Oregon. I work about 45/week at a recycling company. I'm an environmentalist. I go to a community college part time. I mostly take science classes. I like rock music. I pretty much like learning everything I can. My world view is a naturalistic one. I'm an atheist. I enjoy conservative talk radio or at least find it informative. I'm a huge constitutional supporter. I'm a working man as far as stature. I have good upper body strength and I have good endurance. I stand 5'11.5" (182cm) tall. I'm of prodominately Eurasiatic decent. I have brown hair, green/golden eyes, blonde, red, brown, and black beard hair, and have a ruddy, light olive skin tone. I have freckles, and also something that is the opposite of a freckle like albino spots on my shoulders.

Tells you a little bit about me.