Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why I'm writing a blog

I decide to write a blog along with writing a book about all the things I see in the world that I agree with and disagree with. I decided that if I just go on ignoring the problems in the world around me that they can only get worse. I have an anylitical brain that can solve problems but so does everyone else. My writing doesn't so much cater to the lay person. I maintain some relationship with blue collar people because of my profession. I don't work in my chosen profession but one that I'm stuck with for economic reasons that I'm working to correct. When I correct those issues I'm going back to school and making a carreer change toward something that involves using a little more cerebrum.

I like spending time with intelligent socially adapted people. I find them easy to work with and much better company that average people. I tend to like not having to explain thing to people that I learned in grade school or high school to someone who is an adult who had the same educational opportunities I did but because of genetic predisposition of general lack of interest or motivation somehow doesn't know the things that I know and consider to be basic general knowledge.

I will try to keep my writing on the positive side. I have suffered major recurring depression most of my life along with seasonal depression. There's one thing that keeps me optimistic through all the adversity in my life. I know that sooner or later environmental pressures on the human species will force human beings eventually to become more behaviorally flexible (more intelligent and more socially adapted). People like the people who I favor sharing company with (smart, social, self sufficent people) will simply out compete people of lower intelligence. I'm reasonably certain that there will arise environmental conditions that will call upon modern human intellect as a survial mechanism beyond the point of knowing how to go to the store beyond just knowing where to buy things. The social structure that people are trying to create as of late with is one in which people of lower intelligence and who are not as self sufficient, physically able bodied, or otherwise motivated to perform have an advantage over those of us who are actually smart enough to accomplish and to live a true human beings.

One thing that drives me as a person is knowing that one day all of the people who wouldn't be able to survive in the wild will go extict. Self sufficient, intelligent people will be free once and for all of the oppressive natures or stupidity, self indulgence, overly authoritarian or overly aggressive behavior of lessor people. In short there will be a time when selective pressures on the population change to such a degree that a good portion of population will not survive.

That all might not happen in my lifetime but I can look forward to living a good life with my chosen group of peirs and look forward to creating offspring who are just a little bit better than I.

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