Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jesus loves spammers

So there is religious spam pretty much invading every corner of the internet. People spam Jesus and Christianity a lot. I think these religious people are taking religous propaganda to far. Name dropping jesus every chance they get.

I'm pretty sick of it. I've been seeing it a lot lately. Now I'm seeing it on Facebook a lot. I think Facebook is a great site for real time social networking. I enjoy using the site but there sure are an excessive amount of Christianity related surveys. Just to advertise Christianity.

Look religous idiots. I know the offering plates are a little empty. That is because the economy is shitty right now. So while you are praying to your fake god and not getting anything accomplished that will benifit anyone I'll be working some overtime so I can still buy the things I need and support the economy.

If I didn't have to work on sunday I would sleep in. Why? Because I believe in science. You religious fucks should just put a big sticker on your face that says. "I'm a big fat idiot". I don't know what else to call an adult with a fully functional brain who still believes in fairy tales about heaven and hell and eternal salvation. Are you kidding me?

I especially hate it when people tell me that god is good but people are evil. How in the fuck is it that god is good and people are evil? If there was a kid drowning in the river and I saved him that would be good. Right? Would god save him? NO! Who's good and who's evil. I'm the evil one.
If god is so powerful and great why doesn't he just tell muslims to stop murdering people? If god is so great why is it that a schoolbus full of kids gets in a wreck and everyone dies when a bus full of convicts makes it safely to the prison? You don't have to answer that. I know the answer. GOD IS FAKE!

You might be asking yourself how I came to such an apyphany. Well when you prayed did anything happen? NO? Did you pray really hard? Maybe your faith wasn't strong enough. OR maybe just maybe god doesn't exist.

I don't need a meaning of life. I'm perfectly fine with evolution. I'm perfectly fine with knowing the genes I pass on will contribute to a more intelligent human race who won't believe in talking snakes and talking burning bushes. A human race that doesn't believe that a 2000 year old Jewish zombie is going to come back from the dead grant them eternal life if they accept him as lord and personal savior. I just don't buy any of that.

If you had never heard of Christianity and you found a bible in a used book store would you take it seriously? Of course not. You would think that someone with a mental disorder wrote it.

Enough ranting.

I have a really good idea. Let's start a movement. We'll call it Sunday Science. Yep you guessed it. Instead of wasting time at church you learn something scientific. Learn a bit of science every sunday and share it with a bunch of people. Sounds like a good idea to me. No dressing up. No speaking in tongues. Just science.

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