Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My name is Buck Roberts, I'm a 31 year old and I live in Hammond, Oregon. I work about 45/week at a recycling company. I'm an environmentalist. I go to a community college part time. I mostly take science classes. I like rock music. I pretty much like learning everything I can. My world view is a naturalistic one. I'm an atheist. I enjoy conservative talk radio or at least find it informative. I'm a huge constitutional supporter. I'm a working man as far as stature. I have good upper body strength and I have good endurance. I stand 5'11.5" (182cm) tall. I'm of prodominately Eurasiatic decent. I have brown hair, green/golden eyes, blonde, red, brown, and black beard hair, and have a ruddy, light olive skin tone. I have freckles, and also something that is the opposite of a freckle like albino spots on my shoulders.

Tells you a little bit about me.

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